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Originally Posted by diver858 View Post
Bought 2 bags, believe the claim of fitting bikes 34 X 26 x 15 as a bit of a stretch, as the actual dimensions of the Origami bag are 28 X 20 X 10. As shown below, the Genesis BARELY fits IF the seatpost and pedals are removed. The front cable lengths prevent removal of the upper bar post, leaving the break levers, bar in what I consider to be a precarious position. It is possible to separate the bar by removing the upper clamp, making the packaging and unpacking process a bit more cumbersome - not something I would like to do in an airport. Plan is to travel with a Torque T handle CDI Torque TLPT6NM 6 Newton Meters Pre Set Torque Limiting T Handle - Torque Wrenches -, which should simplify such assembly.

Very much on the fence; going with a wider bag to allow the bars to fold between the wheels should offer more protection to the break levers, not sure if such an animal exists. Current bag technically meets airline size limit of 62" for checked bags (l + w + h), although I find it hard to believe that someone would try to measure this, fight over a few inches.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

I see two problems with your attempt to put the bike in the bag:

  1. fold the handlebar stem before folding the frame. the way that you have it folded makes the handlebar stick out too far.
  2. fold the pedals. without folding the pedals the bike will be too wide.

The Origami bags fit bikes much larger than this when the bikes are folded properly.
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