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Originally Posted by IAmSam View Post
My buddy works a lot in China for his company. As a goof he sent me a mini-velo that he got out the back door of a factory. Turned out the joke was on him, it was a ton of fun and the short wheelbase made for an ideal "train" bike.

I researched quite a bit trying to figure out what brand it would have been if it had made it to the manufacturer. For quite a while I thought it was meant to a Big Shot Mini Polo Bike but finally decided it was most likely an M Fixie like yours. A gas-pipe POS, but I loved it.

Then I foolishly let some guy on the train buy it practically right out from under me (for a ridiculously high price of course) but whenever something like your post brings it to mind, I get nostalgic for and regret selling that damn thing...
So you are calling my bike a gas-pipe POS.........

These bikes are a lot of fun, the small wheels just make them so agile and the frame does a decent job of transferring power. I have a couple of folding bikes, but those they feel so flexy when you start to cane them, that I am always afraid I am going to break them.

If you want another minivelo, this is always an option.
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