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Specialized Power setup/saddle questions


I purchased a Power saddle and Iím still trying to get an optimal setup. For background, I am a ďlargerĒ rider with a sit bone measured about 135 mm so I was suggested to get a 155 mm saddle given my less aggressive position and my current flexibility.

For the Power, what kind of inclination or angle should it be positioned? Hereís a [pic with two lines, should the red or center be level or the green/full saddle be level?](

I find myself also somewhat high on it at times. Is that normal? [I would assume you would want your sit bones at the widest part though](

Lastly, I do get some discomfort on the periphery of my bottom when riding but Iím not sure if that would be fixed by either the larger version of the Power, or the Power Arc?? [image for reference](

I have completed about 160 virtual miles/12 hrs on the Power saddle so far FWIW.

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