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When they first advertised statins, Lipitor, they showed a famous football coach - who had never had any medical training - as the reason you should admire the advertiser. They advertise to you the patient for the purpose of recruiting you to provide them the free service of advertising to your doctor even though you have not had the medical training to tell your doctor what drugs you should have; "Ask your doctor about Lipitor." This proves they are not worthy of our trust. Statins have some side effects, which for some people, are not worth tolerating even if they could give you a longer life: muscle damage leading to sarcopenia, a loss of IQ from what it does to the brain, and the threat of adding belly fat because of the physiological consequence of diminished muscle mass. It should come as no surprise a corporation who advertises in a manner demonstrating they disrespect the dignity of ther target audience would not care what harm their product might do.
That is why if I visit New York city I will even stay away from Statin Island.
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