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Originally Posted by Kedosto View Post
IMHO, bike racing is only interesting to the participants. Notice I didn't say "riders." Family and friends may be interested or assisting in some way with an event, but trying to attract the general public is a tough sell. My guess is most of the spectators at a local level bike race are friends, families, and neighbors whose streets are impacted by the event. Everyone else is cursing the event for blocking the streets.

I think this is probably true for local races.

Don't get me wrong, I think these kinds or races are great, and I've really enjoyed the few local XC mountain bike races I've entered. But I don't expect many folk beyond the participants and close acquaintances to be there. Heck, my wife did not even come to all of them. I really did not care if people came out to watch, the other folks doing the race were awesome company on their own.
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