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Originally Posted by Slightspeed View Post
Kind of surprising to me how many of you are so negative about watching bike races, and even races in general. I have to wonder why you even read or bother to respond to this thread if you have no interest in the subject. At my house the world stops for TdF, and Amgen too. My wife even watches and loves the color and spectacle on TV the races provide. We have attended one stage in France, and I always find a way to attend Amgen somehow. We have been to at least 10 of the cities featured on this year's TdF, which makes it more interesting to watch. Anyway, lots of negative energy here to racing and spectating in general. It seems that these days technology has created a bunch of couch potatoes with short attention spans. Sad. With exorbitant player salaries, and astronomical ticket prices of other pro sports, bike racing is still free to attend, and one of the best deals around to see color, action and superb athletes doing what they do best, over roads that we ride every day. Just sayin'...
Meh, the question was asked and answered. Just because you don't like the answers doesn't mean they aren't legit.

I'm pretty into bicycle/trike riding, but wouldn't really be inclined to watch a bicycle race any more than a marathon. It's not like a motorsports race with passing, relatively evenly matched competitors, etc.

I am directly involved in the local motorcycle roadracing scene (and even race myself when I can afford it). It's much more exciting in just about every way, but the only spectators still tend to be friends and family of the guys/gals racing. Even the big national even we have here every year is barely attended. You can pretty much sit anywhere you want in the grandstands, they're so empty.
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