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Not for everybody. Sure I want to live, but in a skinny-fat body I can't stand to look at with a loss of IQ, that may be surviving, but it is only existing and not living.
Some people move into "assisted living" facilities, in reality, nursing homes, losing their own homes and their freedom to choose what kind of environment and way of life while their homes are confiscated and sold to pay for it. To me that is not a life worth living. Nursing homes are death row, where there is nothing left but to look forward to death. Getting up in the morning to join everybody else watching Good Morning America and get the latest news on sports, celebrity gossip, and the newest pop music stars, waiving your hands to and fro lead in a "chairsersizes" class, and a game of bingo from wheelchairs or walkers is long past time to conclude life with any meaning is long over.
Nobody should have to suffer anyone else deciding for them what kind of life is worth living.
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