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Originally Posted by livedarklions View Post
For me, the major part of why I got fat was that I never actually feel satisfied or full. To do the massive weight loss, I had to train myself to stop eating while still feeling hungry as there just isn't any real correlation between my reasonable calorie needs and my level of hunger. I'm quite sure the mechanism that says "enough" just doesn't function in me like it does in people who say things like that.

My portion sizes at dinner continue to be huge (much bigger than when I was losing weight), but I really enjoy eating high fiber vegetables and I burn many thousands of calories per week on biking, so I can maintain my weight just about where I want it to be.

BTW, one of the most common pieces of advice I got, and everybody states it like it's an absolutely proven universal, is "never make your evening meal the biggest meal of the day". One person got mad at me when I informed her I had lost and kept off 150 pounds doing just that, and accused me of putting my theories ahead of "science". She did not take it well when I asked since I had done it wrong, was I obligated to put the 150 pounds back on?

Weight is still off three years after that conversation, and I still eat a big dinner, right after a workout of about 75 minutes.
I have nothing but anecdotal stories from various people to back this up, but I suspect there is a strong genetic/epigenetic component to hunger and satiety.
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