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I was fat and lost a bunch of weight by cycling and watching what I was eating. Then I started adding weight lifting and put on a ton of muscle weight almost to the same weight as when I was fat. I feel much better with the strength exercises added in and less cycling. I have much more energy and ability to function in general because lifting things is easy now. When I watched the Tour de France, the cyclists look sickly to me. I never want to look like that. I got down to 225 and I'm a rather powerful 250 now. It carries well enough on a 6'-3" frame.

My diet consisted of drinking less alcohol and more water, watching the sweets, and eating smaller portions as slowly as I could. Eating slowly and chewing triggers the full feeling. I also found my personal daily calorie requirement based on my metabolism. It's easy, you track every single calorie without cheating by eating the same easily cataloged foods for several weeks while slowly dropping portion (therefore calories) until you just start to lose weight. Then add back food until weight loss stops. That calorie intake is your daily requirement. Reduce it by a couple hundred and workout or reduce it more and exercise more to lose weight faster. Generally track an exercises burn rate and compare it to food. You'll mentally look at food, estimate the calories of it, and compare it to the amount of time it would take to burn it off. Suddenly a donut becomes 2 or 3 hours of cycling instead of a donut.

You're an individual so the estimators and weight loss plans that work for others may or may not work for you. It's okay to dabble, mix and match them, and develop something completely tailored to yourself. I found no one diet or exercise plan to work the best. Protein laden breakfast with lighter carbs like eggs and Canadian bacon on thin bagels, no lunch, and a reasonable dinner go well with my mix of strength training, cardio, sedentary job, and Bourbon consumption. I developed my own eating and exercise plan while my wife uses video trainers and software. I can't stand the perky people on the videos or those yelling in my ear so they are demotivators for me. I don't race for exercise so I stopped logging in Strava, etc. and do my own interval training based entirely on body feedback by focusing and listening to myself.

I'm not a vegan type and I'll never be considered small or thin, but I'm in the best shape of my life. Weight has nothing to do with it, so I eventually ditched the scale.

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