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Originally Posted by OBoile View Post
Yeah definitely good to be cautious about evolutionary explanations for things. But, the feeling of increased hunger compared to other people could have been countered somewhat by the fact that food was often limited in the past, so being more hungry wouldn't necessarily lead to fat gains, or a battle of willpower.

I mention epigenetics because I know a few people, who like you, have lost a significant amount of weight. They also say that they pretty much can't eat until they are full or even really satisfied if they want to stay the same weight. I suspect that all of that weight gain (and the foods that contributed to it) have skewed their sense of satiety somewhat compared to what it was before and/or compared to a "normal" person.
Yeah, that's some real "which came first" stuff there. I'd have no way of telling whether I have a limitless appetite because I ate too much, or I ate too much because I had a limitless appetite.
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