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Originally Posted by OBoile View Post
Good god man! How big is that donut?!?
Wrong time frame, right concept.

Many people jump on those calorie estimators and assume that is the starting point. Given my parameters I've had them spit out a generic 2500 calories per day requirement. Pre weight lifting I found it was 1800 for me personally and 2200 after gaining muscle. I sit a lot for work.

Most people are sedentary anymore and likely need 500 calories a day less then the online guidelines. On top of it 100-200 calories per day extra will add around 10-20 lbs a year. That extra beer, a cookie, bowl of ice cream, 2000 calorie value meal, etc. add up.

Exercise to exhaustion one day then figure out what you could eat to get to zero. Make a direct connection between food sources and exercise effort to zero it out and it will make you pick and choose better.
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