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Originally Posted by sirjag View Post
What in the world are you talking about? Ive never heard of these side effects before. A quick view of WebMD and Mayo Clinic turned this up:

Me personally? Ive taken Crestor for 15+ years. My total chol was 496 when I got out of the navy at 23yrs old. After three years it dropped to 200. This year its 168. My fitness and diet have fluctuated somewhat, but my doctor tells me with all my genetic risk factors and family history, my diet should only contribute about 15% of my total numbers. (I'm late 30s now)

I have never had any side effects, or heard of anyone who did...i guess i'm just curious where you are coming from.... Statins are also the #2 most prescribed med in the USA (behind pain killers of course). Just finding it hard to believe it could be as bad as you say....we would hear more about the issues you talked about....

Your kinda coming off as tinfoil hat person....

I looked up possible side effects on webmd and two other reasonably official sites. The risks of these side effects may be small as you say, but I so much do not want them that to me they are akin to mad cow disease. Yes, MOST people can take the without these side effects, but I do not want even the small risk for my body. Most people would not rather be dead then sarcopenic or fat but I don't feel that way.
I am glad your medical care worked for you I assure you. We all have different priorities.
There have been several massive bodybuilders who took steroids knowing they would be dead in middle age but wanted to live in a massively muscular 250 pound almost zero fat body. This is not natural, but even if their choice is hard for me to imaging, I grant them the right to make it even if I disagree with it.
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