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Originally Posted by drbarney1 View Post
I looked up possible side effects on webmd and two other reasonably official sites. The risks of these side effects may be small as you say, but I so much do not want them that to me they are akin to mad cow disease. Yes, MOST people can take the without these side effects, but I do not want even the small risk for my body. Most people would not rather be dead then sarcopenic or fat but I don't feel that way.
I am glad your medical care worked for you I assure you. We all have different priorities.
There have been several massive bodybuilders who took steroids knowing they would be dead in middle age but wanted to live in a massively muscular 250 pound almost zero fat body. This is not natural, but even if their choice is hard for me to imaging, I grant them the right to make it even if I disagree with it.
I believe i understand better now where you are coming from. I appreciate the reply Sir.

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