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Originally Posted by ironwood View Post
I rode East to West many years ago, and I only remember two days when headwinds were a real problem; and I only remember one day with a real tailwind. It isn't really a big problem.
+1. I rode west to east. It was a mixed bag. Tailwinds some days. Headwinds other days. I can only remember one day when I was really glad I was going east. That was on the Montana High Line. The wind was so strong I sustained 32.5 mph for several miles until I spent to much time in the red and had to drop down to 28 mph.

Someone placed a map of surface winds in July over a map of ACA's Trans Am route. Prevailing winds were out of the SE, which can be typical in the east as well when you get the hot, humid systems during the height of summer.

Living on the east coast, what I really liked was riding my bike home. I literally rode across the country to my front door. When you do that you don't have to worry about making your scheduled flight or whatever home and dealing with getting the bike home.
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