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I sold my truck (chevy 454 ouch... for trailers) went back to school and commute by bike and mtb when I can. That was 2 years ago. I recently bought a little 4 cyl car so I could get to an internship, but I hated owning it. So after about a month I turned around and sold it and made do with the bike. That was 2 months ago and I am relieved. I liked my biking lifestyle better. It sorta forces you to live locally and get out around other people (as opposed to the cage). I don't hate cars when they are used responsibly, but I would rather not own one and I feel good about not needing gas. Cheaper too. I plan on trying to find work in an area where I can continue to live car free when I graduate. Funny, I first switched to biking out of necessity (had to pay tuition) and when I tried living with a car again I wouldn't even look at it. It just sat in the parking lot.

Anyway, new to the forum, thought I'd put it my 2 cents (sorry I got a little long winded).
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