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Originally Posted by mr_bill View Post
Just wondering, since you could see yourself averaging at least 20 on that flat of a surface.

When you come up to the area with those terrifying driveways, you can't see yourself doing something simple like applying the brakes and slowing down? So that in the unlikely event a car pulled out of the driveway while you were going by, *YOU* could stop?

And once you've passed that small cluster of terrifying hazards of a few blind driveways, and then picking up the pace again?

Think of it as interval training?

Or think of it as entering a feed zone?

Or maybe just think of riding at a speed safe for current conditions?

Instead of averaging at least 20 mph, you'd be averaging at least 19 mph instead?

-mr. bill
Maybe I should have been more clear. I would ride a path like that until it got to the driveways as those are a recipe for disaster. In that kind of an environment, I will be in the road just like I am around here. Unless you're just trying to be an ass. In that case, I'll just ignore you like some of the others on here who just plain like to make snarky useless comments.
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