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Originally Posted by livedarklions View Post
Congrats, you just made one more ignore list.
Originally Posted by njkayaker View Post
Why do you think I care?
FWIW, I posted a couple weeks ago:
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...So it seems to IGNORE implies more abhorrence, than simply DNR (Did Not Read), and how does the Ignored One learn of his Status?

Personally, I don’t ignore anyone:
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"Likes" or "Points" [for] members”

Apropos of this thread, I once started a now-closed thread, “Bike Forums Hall of Fame.” I thought it would be nice to know, by popular acclaim, just who are the most savvy, knowledgeable, and reliable subscribers to Bike Forums.

After about 10 years here I have my preferences (and my own choices for the ones I consider “pills,” who are nonetheless fun to read).
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston
(from a now-closed thread) … Frankly, now my main enjoyment is reading the personal clashes on the various threads, such as these current ones: "I work with a moron", or ”How often do you check your mirror?.”
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