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Originally Posted by OneGoodLeg View Post
I'd be more concerned with the dodging Cicada's if the reports I've seen are accurate. They're not going to be a problem here, M*******s DDT bombed them out of existence back in the '60's. The only population left is way out on Cape Cod.

Today I was slightly intrigued with this bike, I'm over it at that price. Plus, I'm willing to bet it weighs 50lbs.

It would be an interesting grocery getter though.

I have only lived 16 years in this area, so I would missed them the last time around. Don't know if we get them this far south.

I grew up around those old rod brake bikes, so they strike a chord with me. My latest project has similar handlebars, down to the funky brake handles.

I say make a lower offer, see what the seller will take.
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