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Originally Posted by Chi_Z View Post
because rims are consumables, should spend the money on bling hubs
Seems like spending the extra just for bling is a waste of cash. Gold plate yer spokes while you're at it.
I don't need anyone to tell me where and how I should spend my cash.

I just laced up some Kinlin XR22T and the interior bead was almost cutting sharp. Had to burnish the edges with a socket before installing the tubes/tire. QC ain't exactly awesome on them Kinlins.
Is that what they call 'you get what you pay for?'

Besides, if any of you took the time to read, I'm already coming off XR270/XR300 Kinlin and wanted to try something different/better. Jeez, they're in the freakin picture of my bicycle!
So please, anymore Kinlin posts, please take it to the Kinlin thread.
thank you.

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