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Originally Posted by Darth Lefty View Post
I'm getting less and less enjoyment from Bike Forums and MTBR. Just the repetition is wearing on me, I think. Carefully crafted 1000 word posts from newbies who have read too much and ridden too little asking whether they need this $300 bike or that $350 bike, neither of which they can ride before buying. I don't want to turn into Jim From Boston just reposting what I already did in order to stay in the community. On the MTB side I've watched a few fads rise and die. Some to my personal detriment, like the contraction of 27.5's market share followed by similar for 27.5+... I'm 5ft8, the tire size works great for me. Watching one company one year call their new product plush and forgiving and then 2-3 years later call that same product vague and squirmy in order to sell another new one just makes me cynical.
I think this is completely normal and I thing what's grating on you falls in to two unreconcilable categories:

1. Opinions on things which will be debated forever - Campy vs Shimano vs SRAM, 1x drivetrains vs. the world, Tubular vs tubeless, disc vs rim brakes (ok so maybe the world is teetering toward disc winning outright), wider tires vs skinny ones, etc etc etc - These things will be debated here for eternity, the debates will just take on different flavors.

2. Newbies who read too much and ride too little - this is the same reason bike shop owners are known for being short with customers, they have to hear the same questions and unpack the same things over and over and over... I get it, it can grate on you, in this case, you're like the bike shop owner. Each newbie doesn't know that 1,000 others came before him with the same questions.

I take frequent breaks, even though I have no where NEAR the experience you do or the knowledge you have so for you, burnout is a real thing - for me, posting goes in fits and jerks and if it isn't fun, I quit for a while.
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