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Originally Posted by WhyFi View Post
Now that would be a cool Addiction acquisition.
I am thinking of asking the University to buy one. For educational purposes, of course.

Originally Posted by datlas View Post
You mean there is no!? I remember looking into these awhile ago but got scared away by the high cost.
I actually looked to see if that existed. I was left disappointed.

Originally Posted by rjones28 View Post
These guys have some.

I've dealt with them before. No problems.

There's also a forum devoted to recumbents which likely has discussions of velomobiles.
Thanks for that link. The yellow one they sell seems like it might do the trick.

Apparently there is an electronic version. I wonder if the velomobile forums (surely that's a thing) are all going crazy over the prospect of the e-velomobiles (they really need a shorter word) taking over.
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