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+5F this morning, new record. Normally it's +30F low, +47F high. We may not see those kind of temps again 'til spring. Telecommuted for two hours; by the time I left to ride in, it was up to a balmy +8F, but with a 10-20 MPH headwind. What hadn't been plowed last night had become ice patches, on both the streets and the MUP. I decided to take the elevator. Mistake. The car was down at ground level, but the door wouldn't open from the call button. Had to backtrack out and take a surface road up Capitol Hill, nearly doubling an otherwise short commute. Fortunately morning traffic has cleared by that time, but i juuuuuuust made a 10:00 meeting.

I could see the lake freezing over as I went by. Now, with 2+ hours of full sun and air temps rising, it's opened up again. I wish I'd brought a camera to do time lapse of the freezing and thawing from my window.

So this evening I should have the benefit of 20s-ish F and a tailwind. Only about 25F below normal (whatever that is....).
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