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Originally Posted by Korina View Post
Okay, Tuesday. Tuesday was a bit bizarre. I was riding on the trail through the Arcata Marsh, on my way to work (in the dark, natch, or I would have gotten pics) when I spotted broken glass on my lane, just waiting for an unsuspecting tire to happen along. I had time, so I stopped to kick at least the big pieces off the pavement, using my headlight to find them. It had drizzled the night before, so everything was wet; I guess that's what brought out dozens of what looked like tiny banana slugs to cross the trail towards the pond. We have banana slugs in the forest, but I'd never seen them in the marsh before. I rode the rest of that segment slowly, dodging inch long slugs. I wonder where they all ended up?

The rest of my ride was quite uneventful.
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