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I need help buying a new bike

I want a new winter commuter. I am thinking of a steel-frame fixed gear bike.

I have never ridden a fixie before. I don't know what to look for or where to buy them. Any advice will be more than welcome.

Must-have features:
  • Fast geometry and drop bars
  • Easy maintenance (resistant to snow/salt)
  • Clearance for winter tires (I would feel happier with 35mm, but I guess 30mm can do)
  • Rear brake
  • Must look cool (my taste: all white or all black)
Other nice features:
  • Dynamo lights (are these compatible with fixies??).
  • Flip-flop hub in case I hate the fixed gear and want to switch to single-speed.
  • U-lock holster.
  • Rear fender (light and discrete).
  • Low price.
  • I could consider a track frame if it fits my winter tires and doesn't raise the price too much.
Background information:
  • Approx 10-20km/day with the occasional 30-40km day.
  • I ride on a mix of (1) quiet backroads and bike paths with lots of snow and ice and no winter maintenance; and (2) arterial roads with decent winter maintenance but heavy traffic (mostly friendly Canadian drivers, but the occasional ****).
  • Mostly flat city.
  • I like to ride fast and light. I stop at stop signs. I signal my turns. I take the lane sometimes.
  • It gets dark at 4:00 pm.
  • The bike will sleep at a garage. I also have a bike locker at my office.
  • I have very little time to maintain my bike. Best case scenario, I'll wash it once every two weeks.
Why I want a new winter bike:
  • I currently ride a Crossrip 3 during winter. I don't like it because it feels slow and cumbersome, it is difficult to clean (because of the disc brakes, gears, and tight wheel clearance), it is expensive to repair after every winter, and it looks expensive and I am afraid it might get stolen.
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