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Decided not to go too overboard this weekend. 60 CTL seems to be that spot where it's tempting to do a big ride and ruin the rest of the week.

Was itching for a party Friday night so I joined a couple friends for an 11 pm ride. One friend was on acid but for me it turned out to be a pretty good workout, got 200 TSS and caught the lightning storm at 3 am. Also improved my 12 minute power another 5 watts, in street clothes and a backpack.

Went out this morning for a quick workout on the cycle track in Golden Gate Park. Didn't have a plan. Started at 90% and each lap added 1 watt to my average watts. Ended up going for a full hour and finishing 4% over my set FTP. Final 20 minutes were 11% over. So I gotta up my FTP by like 12 watts. 20 watts up from last month, but still 20-30 short of "fit" and another 30-50 short of "race fit". But I'll take it!

Also my wife has actually been doing some chill rides with me lately. She still rides flat pedals. This afternoon we rode to and across Golden gate bridge, and down to Kirby Cove beach for some snacks and chillin. 23 miles and a whopping (for her) 1600 feet of climbing.
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