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Originally Posted by aaronmcd View Post
Awesome photo. Hiking is amazing. I really like how NON competitive it is lol. How relaxing it is. Especially overnighters. I'm ridiculously competitive so it's nice to do an activity purely for relaxation and still get a little bit of a workout. I Strava my hikes. I also use Alltrails for GPS and elevation data.
Do you mind explaining how you strava a hike? Keeping in mind I know nothing about strava.

My wife is giving me one of her apple watches for all trails, and was looking at some sort of power meter for hiking / running. It all seems a bit complex to me.

My hikes are pretty competitive, actually. Truth be told they tend to be much harder than anything I do on the bike. Part of this is northeast hiking is very craggy and tends to be straight up and down.

Right now I'm looking at doing a 'grid.' So up here there are the 46 high peaks. It's a long standing tradition to do all 46. There's also a winter list. A speed record. Folks who try to do them in one season. But a small number of folks have take to doing each of the 46 in each month of the year. Since we moved up here I've been punching my past and present hikes into a spread sheet and seeing how it shakes out.
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