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Well after reading through this thread and many others about the good and bad of the Sirrus I went ahead and bought a new Pro Carbon today. Sold my DS Trek Top Fuel today because I never rode it off road. I knew I wanted a bike with no suspension and disc brakes and since I ride 99% on paved/groomed trails and roads buying another MTB was out of the question. Took some time and found a bike that fit me well and at a great discounted price, a 2015 Sirrus Elite Carbon. Loved riding it but knowing I like to tinker with stuff and after looking at the upgraded components and wheels I wanted to buy for it, in the end buying the pro carbon was the most economical option. I didn't think higher end components would make the bike ride better but I was pleasantly surprised and impressed and bought it on the spot. This will give me the chance to put some miles on it without feeling the need to make any big changes. I pick it up next weekend so pics will have to wait.
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