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Originally Posted by BigL_RIP View Post
I have upgraded my 2015 Expert to beyond Pro levels. What I would say:

Yes, plenty of carbon riser options for bars. Easton makes a wonderful, reasonable product, and offers 2 rise increments (as do many manufacturers). Highly recommended for weight and feel.

Definitely, definitely do wheels and tires. By far the biggest change you can make in both weight and sensation of speed, plus the ability to spin up faster. There are reasonable carbon wheel options but a simple alloy would suit you just fine. I wouldn't swap the Axis 1.0 or 2.0 for the 4.0; I'd look elsewhere.

No harm in doing the crank, as I upgraded mine to that very same crank, but it's certainly not the first place to spend your money.

I'm actually going up in tire width, from 30 to 35, but also up in caliber of tire. I will report back with findings.
Thanks for that advice! Can anyone offer specific options for wheels?
Pardon my ignorance, but what do you guys do with your old parts-- is there a market for them on eBay? If I buy upgrades from my LBS, might they offer a credit for them? Can I expect any LBS to install parts I bring in, or are they like car repair shops-- they'll only work on parts they sold to you? Despite my years of riding, my level of repair experience is limited to changing tires, saddles and such. I'll have to rely on a shop to do any significant upgrades.
Thanks for your help!

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