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Originally Posted by prj71 View Post
And nobody buys them anymore and I haven't seen one on the trail in over 2 years. They are history.

Surprised Surly even stays in business anymore.
I damn near pulled a muscle laughing at this post! OMG!

You're not from 'round here... are ya? Surly could be a very successful brand with Minnesota business only. You can't swing a dead cat around here without hitting 5 Surly bikes.

Here's the new Surly Pugsley and guess what, it's not the single-track focused bike .... it's designed for touring where other bikes will not go - you know, like the Arrowhead 135. Let me know when you bring your fatbike up to the Arrowhead, OK?

I'll put my Pugsley up against anybody's fatbike (or gravel bike), and most of the time, I leave them behind.

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