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Originally Posted by Hypno Toad View Post
Feel free to come to the Twin Cities and make the same statement ... you might be 'close' but you're not here - you're likely closer to Trek than Q.

Steel bike are very relevant, depending on the riding you do. I want steel bikes (I must be nobody), I have three steel bikes: one classic & two new bikes. I ride these heavy steel bikes long distances on demanding races/rides. Comically, I see most people ride their big $$$ CF bikes DNS or DNF on the same rides.

Thank you for the compliment on my fitness
Yes...over in the Twin Cities there are a lot of "hipsters" devoted to Surly. I get that.

Used to see a lot of them around here at one time because that's all that was available. Now they've been sold off by their owners and I don't see them anymore. Even the local dealer that used to stock Pugsleys dropped them because they don't sell.
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