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Originally Posted by nspace View Post
Looking for a tubular tire recommendation.

I bought a set of brand new Veloflex Records after a lot of rave reviews about their stuff. I've had pretty good luck with their clinchers, but not so much with these.

They have only been ridden indoors in Milton on a relatively new surface and the rear in particular is loosing air fast. I thought it was the valve core but eliminated that as a cause. Rubbed some soapy water and there are bubbles all over the sidewalls along one big 6-8" section of the tire opposite the valve stem. There is no punctures or damage to the tire so I'm inclined to think this is a defective latex tube inside (as discovered lots of others on the web with this problem). Veloflex has been unresponsive.

I put in a small amount of Stans (10ml) which seems to have worked for a couple of rides but today it started dropping pressure again. Today I put in a new valve core and a bit more Stans. It is holding air now in the stand, but we will see what happens when I ride tomorrow.

In the mean time I'd to source at least a new tire or set depending on cost. Extra points for gumwalls. Something more durable and less maintenance would be nice.

I was considering Challenge Pista, or Vittoria Pista CS. Any other options?
I'm not suggesting that yours is not defective, but latex tubes in general lose air quickly. Butyl tube will hold air for days (if not weeks). But, I've found with latex I'll sometimes have to pump tires twice in the same session.
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