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When YOU are the Motorist

I am a very cautious motorist and I take driving safety very seriously. But, like everyone who has driven as long as I have, I've had some "close calls" where I thought I could have been better in retrospect. I had one yesterday. I turned right on to a road on which a motorcyle was approaching from my left, and I did not see him as early as I should have. He was on a light colored motorcycle and the angle of the sun was such that it washed out his headlight quite a bit. It was not THAT close of a call, but it was definitely sub standard for me. The motorcyclist over-reacted IMO. Angrily passing me and giving me the finger. That was probably more dangerous than the original incident. Nevertheless, it was a reminder to be more vigilant.
I also had an incident once where I didn't see a road cyclist because he was obscured by my pillar. It made me realize what a small profile cyclists present, and now I always double check that pillar.
Have you had any incidents that you're not quite proud of?
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