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Originally Posted by Equinox View Post
I am a very cautious motorist and I take driving safety very seriously. But, like everyone who has driven as long as I have, I've had some "close calls" where I thought I could have been better in retrospect. I had one yesterday. I turned right on to a road on which a motorcyle was approaching from my left, and I did not see him as early as I should have. He was on a light colored motorcycle and the angle of the sun was such that it washed out his headlight quite a bit. It was not THAT close of a call, but it was definitely sub standard for me. The motorcyclist over-reacted IMO. Angrily passing me and giving me the finger. That was probably more dangerous than the original incident. Nevertheless, it was a reminder to be more vigilant.
I also had an incident once where I didn't see a road cyclist because he was obscured by my pillar. It made me realize what a small profile cyclists present, and now I always double check that pillar.
Have you had any incidents that you're not quite proud of?
As an occasional motorcyclist I"m curious if you recall anything about the motorcyclist's lane position? I am at my most defensive when riding my MC because I know how vulnerable I am...more vulnerable than on my bicycle IMO. I'd ride the MC more, but I tend to choose the bicycle instead.
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