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Adjustable steerer adapater (Speedlifter, Octagon etc) - how safe is it?

Hi, everyone.

I've been thinking of installing that device on my bike, to be able adjust my sitting posture during the ride, depending on my mood and other circumstances. The one I decided to try is shulz's Speedlifter Pro (as it gives the longest adjustable range, up to 14 cm):

I wonder, though - how safe is it for everyday riding? I'm not doing any extreme stuff, just a regular urban commuting and roaming the streets and countryside. But I still have to do a very basic "bike acrobatics" on regular basis, like a bunny-hop - as our urban area isn't well-suited for bikes (you basically run along the regular pedestrian passways all the time, full of obstacles which are not an issue for a walking human, but are for a cyclist). So I'm worrying how tight it all is sticking together.

After reading the installation manual, I see that this system doesn't make use of the star nut. That's the part that worries me most.

Any thoughts?

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