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I've done a few of these conversions and here's what I found.
You can use any MTB 9spd shifters (eg Deore) and the rear shifting will be perfect but the front der will present issues as MTB left shifters pull more cable than road shifters. Here are some options:
1. Get rid of one of the triple crank's chainrings - the smallest is easiest but depends on whether you need it. Now the front shifter will usually be OK as it is only one of two positions so usually works OK.
2. Get one of the 2 front der's Shimano specially designed for this setup (R443 and R453). They were designed for flat bar bikes with road cranks.
3. Most MTB front der's will not fit as the arm will hit your rear tire since MTB usually have a lot more clearance here than road bikes but there may be some MTB der that do fit. I once put a 1980's era Shimano 200GS fr der on my road bike and it fit OK and there may be others.
4 Get a left side friction shifter that does not have clicks so it will be OK with any combination eg Sun RaceM96 Thumb Shifter.

For brakes just make sure the levers are suitable for cantilever brakes and they'll be fine.
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