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For those who race competitively ??

i had gained a massive amount of weight about two years ago , at my heaviest i was weighing about 245 lbs at 5 feet and 8 inches i was fat and ,i've always been slim but idk what happened i let myself go i guess i was depressed and drinking but, i decided to snap out of it and i lost a massive amount of weight i went from 245lbs ,to now i weigh 180lbs thanks to running and cycling and eating better, i even had high blood pressure at one point but thats gone now i'm good now everything is well, when i started cycling i was only able to ride maybe 10 to 17 miles a ride and i was averaging maybe 12 to 14 mph on a 17 mile ride. Now 7 months laters cycling everyday for 7 months i now am able to ride 30 to 40 miles at an average speed of 18 to 19 mph on a ride i feel like i'm in way better shape and i feel i now can do maybe 50 to 70 miles at that average speed lets just say ive gotten a lot faster in a short period of time or it feels like a short time for me ,,idk if 18 to 19 mph average is even good enough to race..

Well my question is for those of you who are racing in cycling races like usa cycling or whatever other races there are. When did you know you were fast enough to compete or when did you realize it was time to start racing?? i love cycling now i get angry when i have to miss a day of riding my bike i feel that at some point i want to start racing also and compete but idk when i should start ??
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