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Originally Posted by am0n View Post

For the outside comment, see my OP.

For the cheap bike options, this is my cheap bike (and only road bike =P), so maybe in the future if I really get into it I'll get a new one and this will become the beater, but until then this one has to also hold up.

Perks to using one of those thongs/guards versus just draping a towel over the TT and headset? Obviously the catch will keep the moist fabric off the bike as well, but I was told just wipe things down with baby wipes at the end (and I have a closet *full* of those, so easy thing to grab).

Anyone know anything about the saran wrap approach? Not saying I'll do it, but mostly curious. Is that to keep sweat out of your brifters? Or do you saran wrap your handlebars to keep the sweat from leaking through the tape? I did read that if you are going to use the trainer, to replace your tape (and clean your bars) at least once a year.

Last thing I am curious about, if you do use the trainer, are there any particular maintenance practices you should do more often than you might otherwise, like taking anything apart and cleaning/lubing it?
Wiping is certainly better than not wiping, but I'd think that some salt would remain. Better to keep it off. Same with towel wrapping. I like my suspended sweat guard. Seems to do the trick. It's true that these things are narrow but it seems to protect what needs it.

Don't know anything about Saran wrap effectiveness. I think it's important that a dual use bike be quick to convert from one use to another.
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