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Alloy bolts are fine- they have a shorter service life because of getting rounded out (metal is too soft for consistent install/removal), but for this they'd be fine. They'll take the torque no problem.

I'd probably go with a 39t or 38t myself, and if you can get one there in time, a wide-narrow tooth chainring. They are SO NIFTY, and seem to fix just a whole mess of problems.
What BCD are you using? (I think you probably have options for both 130 and 110, but checking to be safe)

34x14 isn't a bad gear- but big/big gears do have better efficiency (since we are working the tiny %s here), so 38/39 is preferable.

How does the start play out? Is it a CX style thing where making that first group off the line is critical? How often will you need to react to surges during the race? (in reference to the 550w stuff you mentioned)

How likely is a sprint at the end of the climb? What are your gearing plans for that?
What cassette are you going to use? The Recon stuff works quite well in my experience, and they are both light and cheap (compared to DA/Record cassettes)
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