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Originally Posted by topflightpro View Post
You need something to keep the chain on the chainring regardless of whether you use just your inner ring or a specific single chaingring.

I have my CX bike set up as a 1x10. I previously just had a FD on there, but now have a K-Edge single chain catcher the inside and an FSA carbon bash guard where the big ring would be.
i've got a k-edge catcher and bash guard on my CX rig (1x10), too. i just run it with a 7900 42T ring.

the thing is (correct me if i'm wrong) a CX bike is being lifted, slammed down, jumped on, run through dirt/mud....more chances for drops without those protections.

a hill climb bike? some power surges but smooth terrain and more steady-state.

some folks are running wide/narrow rings on MTBs without any guards. some of them have clutch RDs.

i dunno--i'm thinking it could work but maybe i am wrong.

if i have to add back 90-95g i might as well keep my FD (105g) on.

PS i think i'd need to use a braze-on compatible inner chain watcher. most are for round tubes.
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