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Trikes in general, 2 styles: Delta and Tadpole. Delta= 1 wheel in front, 2 in rear. Tadpole = 2 wheels in front, 1 in rear. Both are heavier than a bicycle, even a recumbent bike. Tadpoles have ONE drive wheel which is fine for pavement. Delta's can have 2 drive wheels which is better for gravel / dirt / trails.

For committing some considerations:
Do your streets have bike lanes?
Can you utilize a Multi Use Pathway for your commute (safety consideration)
How far is the commute? And how fast to you anticipate riding?
Do you have hills on your commute?
What is your average summer temperature? I.E. will you get hot and sweaty before work?

An e-trike can help with time, distance, hills and to a limited degree temperature. But will you need access to electrical outlet to charge the battery before retuning home?
E-trikes weigh more, 20 to 30 pounds more. Getting it into an office will be more difficult. Is there "protected" parking at your business? A/C outlet available?
What is the neighborhood like around the business? Cables, locks and other deterrents can only do so much against bolt cutters and hack saws.

IF you can, try out a few trikes, make sure to get one that FITS you. Sizing a trike is different than sizing a bike.

I'd trike to work if I was younger, lived closer, had fewer hills, and could park the trike in a storage area. But I'm retired!
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