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I commute on an adult tricycle. They are heavy and not aerodynamic plus not as maneuverable in tight spots like multi-use paths with pedestrians; all those factors increase travel time. My peak speeds range in the mid to upper 20's - MPH, and on shorter rides level around 15 MPH or 17 MPH on longer commutes; however, shorter averages are ~10 MPH and longer commutes average ~12 MPH. Yes, two wheel bicycles are usually faster - especially road bikes. But I have traumatic brain injury, so a tricycle is safer for me these days. Recumbent trikes are quick; I'd like to try one some day.

Trikes also require more room. Most of the bike paths I use (I prefer regular roads opposed to bike trails with constant underpasses) are wide enough, but sometimes they get thin and either leave no room to swerve and miss road hazards, or do not fully accommodate my trike, so I am partially in traffic. Most drivers are courteous, but a few drive by fast and dangerously close.

My current commute is to college which is about an hour ride each way, but I usually leave a couple hours before class; that allows me extra time in case of travel conditions such as heavy wind, but usually I have an hour to eat and relax before class. I park by a bike rack closest to the building I have class in, so that changes regularly. I had one stolen in 2017 (from a rack in front of campus police station). They cut the chain, and the police suggested I upgrade to a U-lock. I did and have been alright for a couple years now.

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Im considering a trike, but would like to use it for commuting. My concern is whether Id take it inside or lock it up when I arrive, and if I lock it up, will it attract people? Does anyone use a trike for commuting, and if so, what do I need to know as I consider it?
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