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Bikes: 1975 Full Campy N.R. Centurian Super Lemans,1984 Focus Vintage pre susp. mountain, hardtail,suntour xc sport, many treks, diamondbacks, and, 1950' crusier J.C.Higgins,triex (road) and kakakura silk (road)

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Wow! all these bikes really show how far cycling has become, but not all necessarily for the best.
The one thing these bikes all had was frame sizing that would fit a 6 ft tall person, a welcome sight in this age of compact frames and threadless headsets. I love this era of mountain bikes absolutely the best. Cutting edge innovation, but still with a healthy respect for tradition.
I own a 1986 Focus MB350 21 inch fully lugged tange chrome moly, 18 speed, double butted, with state of the art Suntour XC Sport components, Sugino triple crank, and get this...old school Dia-Compe Mafac copy cantilevers with actual motorcycle brake levers. Brooks b-17 Champion Standard leather saddle, and micro adjust seatpost, more braze on's than you could ever imagine. The front fork is a work of art,with a large wheel base, it rides like the wind, still has the original IRC 26X2.10 knobby tires. The only things I 've had to replace so far were the chain and stem. I got a new Shimano ultra glide chain 6 speed. The old original Suntour xc stem cracked, but i replaced it with a Nitto retro model. original Ergo grips, slight raised bars and Tange headset all give this bike a once in a life look. I've put 7000 miles or so on this bike and it just keeps on ticking. After 20 years. wheels have never been trued... still razor straight.why? four cross spoke pattern . I'm so sorry i don't have pictures yet, but they are coming soon!!
color? deep dark vintage blue sparkle.
I also have a 1984 BCA (ROSS) Bicycling Corporation of America fully lugged 20 inch frame, full Tange
chrome moly steel tubing, double butted, with shimano deore components, and ...get this... bio pace chainrings added later, fluted seatpost, shimano cantilevers, old school 90 degree type as used on old tandams. I love the black and red headtube paint job. with full braze-ons and great geometry (non-sloping top-tube) excellent leg extention with the big frame and not a mile of seatpost in the air like the new bikes.This bike and the focus are true classics from a totally different time in biking history.
commonly referred to as the..." First Generation, Pre-Suspension Mountain Bike" Era (1978-1987)
(My favorite era for mountain bike's) These bikes need to be saved now! They are getting harder to find! Vintage Ritchey's, Univegas, Diamond backs, Treks, Speciallized stump jumpers, GT Avalanch, Focus's,
Bridgestones, Ross, BCA, Schwinn, Wheeler, and so many more that i can't think of! Save Old Bikes from being thrown in to the trash forever. restore what you can for the next generation. They have never seen a pre- suspension mountain bike, or a classic leather brooks saddle. they think mountain biking is taking a chair life to the top and then hanging ON FOR DEAR LIFE.... oh sh7*7t!!! WHILE THEY BOUNCE AROUND LIKE PING PONG BALL'S DOWN THE MOUNTAIN. they MAY NEVER KNOW WHAT A FINELY CRAFTED LUGGED STEEL FRAME FEELS LIKE!oh well enough of my soap box.
Good Luck and Keep on Biking!

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