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Have I got a Mystery for ya: MauriceMoss, DougFattic...

This one has never been solved (maybe one reason is my very poor photos!) but I teased this to 2 of the Champion sleuths in another thread (and of course that mystery DID get solved).
I tried to nail the builder in the past (and can dredge up the old thread) but since neither Maurice or Doug was active back then this will be a chance for some fresh eyes to take a new look.

Background story: bought the frameset from a seller who advertised it here on C&V and picked it up on a drive to SoCal (for Christmas) at the seller's in Ventura, CA area. The seller did not know any details but said he got it in Santa Barbara (area) and that is had been built there (or nearby) according to his seller.
I had plans to make an Xmas gift of the frame to a relative, which never panned out.

One big reason was there was a hidden defect: the blind ("Dutch style") pinchbolt thru the fastback seat stays had broken and the remaining shaft was stuck in the LH stay and very inaccessible. Made even MORE so due to the unique (never seen before by me) "trick" feature that the gap between stays was "filled" by a brazed-in cylinder with only a small gap down the centerline. Very trick but made a really tough extraction job even more excruciating. Sadly I got right into trying to extract that broken stub without taking any pix, so.no visual record of what it looked like before "many surgeries", I kicked myself often for that!

Had to re-jigger the seat cluster to be more conventional (as pix will show) but it works now.
Frame and fork has no serial numbers, only mark I ever saw is the very faint Columbus Dove stamp on the head tube which is positioned to be a "head badge" but only when the light hits it just so.

BSC (British/ISO) BB threading and 27.2 seat post, very nicely thinned lugs and "frenched" internal brake routing in TT. The way the seat stays merge into the seat lug is slightly less refined (to my eye) then the rest of the high craftsmanship elsewhere. But will let the experts decide.

With no further dithering, here are what I have for pix (but HAPPY to try for better and answer any questions, still have this frameset and the ride is quick and "sharp", has tight clearances)

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