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Originally Posted by Doug Fattic View Post
<snip> that blind binder bolt treatment. <snip> I only remember seeing them from CA builders.
I know of four others that did the "blind binder bolt treatment": TS (Tim) Isaac (Colorado), Columbine (CO, later CA), Glenn Erickson (WA) and Bruce Gordon (OR, later CA). Gordon's were very distinctive with the seatstay tops truncated in his unique way, so clearly this one is not a Gordon. Columbines were generally way fancier than this frame, so probably not one of theirs. Erickson only did a few that way; it was just one of many styles he offered. Tim is the only one of the three that did it like that routinely, on his '70s TS Isaac frames he made before going to work for Trek. I'm 99% sure this isn't one of Tim's, it's too new. He used that style also on the Schwinn Paramounts he made in the late '90s at his shop "Match" but this is not a Match Paramount. I made one and only one (a track bike) with that seatstay style in about '77 when I worked at Santana.

Probably doesn't help identify the builder, but the lugs are Takahashi. Distributed in NA by Davidson starting in about '83, which puts an earliest limit on when the frame could have been made. 99% sure the frame is not a Davidson. He sold the lugs to lots of builders large and small, so that doesn't narrow it down much. Pretty sure the dropouts are Shimano EF.

Good luck with the mystery.

Mark B in Seattle
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