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Thanks to all responders: Doug, Mark, TiHabenero, noobinSF, and pcb. Most of the "contenders" Mark mentions were previously considered and subsequently dismissed (by others). Glad to have the lugs and dropouts ID'd ,thanks Mark!

It is very baffling that a frame with so much work involved has no identifying marks (no decals, serial numbers, panto, nada)!

It is definitely the Columbus Dove stamp on the head tube, no mistaking it for any other. I will try to get a better pic of this in the next day or 2.

I doubt this is a Mikkelsen frame, but he's close by so I could take it by Bernie's someday and let him have a look.

I had not heard of Randy Smolinski mentioned, before. Will have to do some visual searches but the Grand Rapids connection would not jibe with the seller's story of it being made in "greater Santa Barbara". However this is still just the seller's story.

Thanks again to all of you, I really appreciate your efforts to help solve this mystery!

Edit: I did find the Chris Pauley page on CR (kind of hidden, was not in the "Classic USA" table of contents) and scoped out the red frame featured therein. It is WAY more custom than my mystery with many more "trick" features and refinements....BUT there is more resemblance between that particular fastback seat cluster and mine than any I have seen before (including the one Smolinski I just viewed on the same CR site). Plus the red frame also has the "frenched" (a hotrod customizer's term) treatment of internal cable routing, too, which I believe to be fairly unusual. So there's 2 clues plus the Santa Barbara location, in favor of a "Chris Pauley" ID. I'm not ready to say "case closed" just yet, but it is encouraging.

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