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I had the feeling that I had seen that style of seat cluster somewhere, but I'm not surprised that Mark was able to name the builders using this general style.

Because everyone loves photos of great bikes, I did a quick search through my photos for shots of some of these bikes.

Regarding Smolenski..... Jim from Michigan brought a few to the last Classic Rendezvous gathering. Really cool bikes! These all had a through-hole for the threaded end of the seat post binder bolt, so no match for these bikes.
Here's a shot of a seat cluster....

and a shot of three of the Smolenskis. I really liked the one with ivory paint and black components. The one with the red head tube and seat tube caught my eye too.

For all of the shots I've got of Bruce Gordon's frames, I could only find one showing the rear of the seat cluster. As Mark says, the top of the seat tubes are truncated, versus being fully mitered into the seat lug. It does have the hidden threaded hole for the seat post binder bolt, though.

Columbines seem to be a fairly rare beast. I had a couple of old magazine articles that featured the frames from the Murphy brothers, but nothing that clearly showed the seat cluster. The best I could do was this article that hints that it might have the same style as the OP's frame.

Erickson frames are also relatively rare. He really was getting a fair bit of press back in the 90's with some creative & fancy frames. One article shows the seat cluster clearly, and it does match the OP's frame.

that's all I've got. Hope it helps, or at least demonstrates some of the great work that has been done.

Steve in Peoria
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