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Originally Posted by TiHabanero View Post
A builder in Grand Rapids, Michigan named Randy Smolinski did seat post binder bolts in the same way. Seat lug was finished off in a very similar fashion. Of course all his frames were custom so not all of them had this touch.
Randy was a bike shop manager (maybe he eventually became the owner?) and built frames at his house after hours. I gave him a one day brazing lesson in 1981 so I know when he started. He also did his own painting. Sadly he passed away in 2017. One of my framebuilding class students bought some of his equipment from his wife. Unfortunately she didn't know what it all was and some of it went to recycling. He had some enthusiastic Michigan customers/supporters.

Steelbikeguy showed pictures in this thread of Randy's seat stay attachment style - which is a bit different than the blind allen key type. A binder bolt is brazed onto the seat lug and then the seat stays are mitered and brazed to the binder bolt. That is a good method for those that don't have expensive fixturing. It isn't as popular lately because of the problem with wide tire clearance.
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