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I agree it takes time to adjust, but would also suggest making adjustments to saddle position, because numbness indicates a lot of spot pressure.

Pay attention to both fore/aft position and nose up/down. Does the saddle feel better when you sit in any particular way on it? For example, is it better when you’re further back on the wings, or more forward on the nose? Your Prologo Dimension NDR is a relatively flat saddle, so nose tilt will not be extreme, but I’d start by tilting it down a bit, and see how that feels. If you feel you’re sliding forward, off the saddle, then that’s too much obviously. From there, try a little fore/aft adjustment to get a neutral position on the saddle in terms of pressure distribution. You may feel a bit more on the sitz bones, which I think is the type of feel adjustment jaxgtr was referring to, and after awhile, you’ll be accustomed to it. I say that because, I believe, penile numbness is from more forward perineal pressure, so you’re probably sitting more heavily on the nose of the saddle rather than back on the sitz bones.

As you know, the other big factor is bar position. It sounds like you’re probably more upright already, but if your reach to the bars is too far, you may be tilting your pelvis forward onto the saddle nose, again creating that forward perineum pressure. Perhaps bringing the bars in closer with a shorter stem will allow you to push your position back on the saddle a bit more.

It’s not an exact science, this, so it’s important to remember to make just single adjustments at a go, tempting though it may be to switch up a bunch of stuff. Take an allen wrench with you out on a ride, make a little tweak, check it out, and then adjust other dimensions as needed. Swapping out stems and making saddle adjustments at the same time is a recipe for confusion, particularly since you say you’re otherwise comfy on the bike; I’d try saddle position fine-tuning before messing with the stem.

Good luck!
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