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Originally Posted by GrainBrain View Post
I dunno, he kind of "financed" himself, so he should know he's not the top shot. Would be cool to see him win but I also hope he uses this as a graceful exit. Like use all the media attention to start pushing some kind of noble agenda or non profit that he can slip into next year.
Clearly Cav is not THE "top shot" but I'm pretty certain he's dead set on earning a shot or two. I haven't been tracking this or much cycling news lately. I wonder how it's going in the camps.I suspect Lefevre is close to having his answer as to whether there's any chance. Cav will be somewhere in the spectrum, just not sure if it's the denial-acceptance spectrum or moving along to the reversal / revival / Lazarusian "hell yeah."

I've got a tough time seeing any motivation behind this move tied to an enabler for hm to build a soft spot to land. Or as it advancing that cause (beyond the substantial juice he's already got) in any other way than by him winning, which is what I accept at face value it's all about. To Cav. And to Lefevre, although that cagey old man is bit more flexible about who takes the win.

Either way it goes, I really hope we don't see him off the front at km 0 again.

Two interesting snippets from the OP article, which struck me when I first read it and caught my eye again when I glanced over it just now:
  • "He has a long and sad story about Epstein Barr and all those different complaints. He has a chance now that nobody else wanted to give him but, for me, he starts at zero. Well take him for his experience but, to be clear, hes not a trainer. Hes not a performance manager or a directeur sportif but he can bring some experience to the guys.
  • "If I can do this then Im Wonderboy," Lefevere said.
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