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Originally Posted by Happy Feet View Post

I lived car free until I was 30 in 4 different cities. The basics are still the same: density, good mass transport infrastructure, bicycle friendly corridors/roads, security and a decent bike. If you have those it's pretty easy to be at least, car lite.
I've been car free or car light most of my life and have never made use of scooters.

I've used public transportation, bicycles, and walking.

And I agree ... if you've got a good mass transport infrastructure, you've nailed the comfort and convenience aspect. It means that people can travel where they are going in reasonable comfort (out of the elements, for example), and reasonably conveniently (transportation comes by fairly frequently, and picks up and drops off in convenient locations).

That, to me, should be the main focus for living car free because the majority of people simply do not want to exert themselves in order to get around.

Then for those who do want to exert themselves, the bicycle is still the most or one of the most efficient means of human powered transportation. Or for shorter distances, walking can be pretty convenient.

Those are the three areas to focus on for LCF cities.
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